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Enrolment Information

We warmly welcome all our prospective students to St. Mary’s and encourage enrolments all throughout the year, in any year level.

Children are eligible for enrolment into Prep if they turn five years of age by the end of April in the year in which they will start school. This is a government regulation that influences the funding of students at school.

There are a number of steps included in our Enrolment process, all of which can be tailored to suit individual needs and situations.  Such processes may include phone call conversations, visits to the school, learning walks, participation in our ‘Step Into Prep’ program, and orientation days at school, etc. The enrolment process is designed to ensure that all students experience success in their transition to school. We are here to make sure this is a positive experience for everyone.

View our enrolment documents below.

  document Application for Enrolment (268 KB)
  pdf CES Enrolment Framework (1.10 MB)
  pdf Enrolment Policy (432 KB)
  document Offer of Enrolment - Request for Information (287 KB)
  pdf Enrolment Agreement (191 KB)
  pdf Additional Enrolment Documents / Forms (140 KB)
  pdf Shared Behaviour Expectations / Code of Conduct (417 KB)
  pdf CES Ltd. Privacy Policy (529 KB)
  pdf Standard Collection Notice (81 KB)