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Identity Statement

St Mary's Catholic School Inglewood is a community of learners, inspiring all to be people of light, in the footsteps of the Presentation Sisters.

  • Vision Statement
  • Model and teach the message of Jesus in our relationships with each other, our God and our world.
  • Build and value collaborative partnerships with students, staff, parents, Parish and wider community.
  • Create a positive and stimulating environment in which each person can academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially reach their full potential.
  • To foster a love of learning in a safe and respectful environment.

Graduate Outcomes

At St Mary's we endeavour to educate graduates to:

  • Embrace the love of God and His presence in their daily lives.
  • Be respectful and accepting of all.
  • Be kind and compassionate community members.
  • Develop and sustain positive, loving relationships.
  • Be leaders of action, promoting peace and justice in the world.
  • Develop a positive work ethic to achieve their aspirations and dreams for the future.
  • Display perseverance when faced with challenges in life.
  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Be an innovative, responsible and inquisitive learner, inspired by a love of learning.
  • Have sound knowledge of literacy and numeracy skills.

Strategic Plan

Our students will always be at the heart of everything we do at St Mary's.

It is a priority at St Mary's Catholic School that parents, teachers, students and the wider community work in partnership to provide a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Our Strategic Plan is a reflection of our consultation and engagement with our school community.

pdf Strategic Plan (3.40 MB)

Educational Philosophy

St Mary’s Primary School promotes students’ personal, academic and spiritual development so that they can be lifelong learners who connect with the world.

We believe that students will flourish through positive, meaningful relationships between child, family, teachers and the community and build upon a collaborative, safe and supportive culture.

We understand the importance of students and parents in the learning relationship and strive to develop input, relationship and knowledge.

We understand that learning is enabled through a quality curriculum with clear learning expectations, effective pedagogy and assessment and reporting, which is based on data, relevant to student needs and reflective of our changing world.

We believe that students will be able to fulfill their potential when they take responsibility for their own learning, are supported by quality teachers and when learning occurs in a collaborative, flexible and adaptable environment.