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Learning Today, Wisdom Tomorrow

The School Advisory Board consists of the Parish Priest, the Principal, a staff representative and parent representatives.

The School Advisory Board meets regularly to help develop and implement the strategic vision of the school.  The Board is made up of a dynamic group of parents who generously give their time and wisdom to ensure St. Mary’s provides the best educational opportunities possible.

The Board meets twice per term on Monday evening at 7.00pm to discuss issues such as maintenance of the school buildings, the grounds, finance, school policy, and current educational issues.

The AGM of the School Advisory Board is held on the second meeting in Term 1 each year.

As they are your representatives it is important that you know who they are as they are keen to hear your views and to be of assistance. Any parent of the school is most welcome to seek nomination for a position on the Board when positions are vacant.

Our current School Advisory Board Members are:

  • Andrew Smith (Chair)
  • Father Stephen Bolling (Canonical Administrator) 
  • Margaret Brohm (Principal)
  • Nathan Starr (Staff Representative) 
  • Suzi Birthisel (Parent Member / Minutes)
  • Julie Anderson (Parent Member)
  • Linda Isaac (Parent Member) 
  • Jaqui Hecker (Parent Member)
  • Shane Maxwell (Parent Member / Maintenance) 
  • Brett McEwan (Parent Member) 
  • Dianne Wayman (Community Member)


Andrew Smith                                                 Fr. Stephen Bolling & Margaret Brohm          Nathan Sarr
Shane Maxwell                                                Linda Isaac                                                       Dianne Wayman
Brett McEwan                                     Julie Anderson                                Jaqui Hecker                                     Suzi Birthisel