St Mary's Primary School, Inglewood

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Learning Today, Wisdom Tomorrow

At St Mary's School, we look forward to a happy association with your child and your family as we work together in educating your child.

Parents are the first educators of their child and are learning models for them.  A parent's attitude towards education can inspire that of their child's and show them how to make the most of their own educational journey.  When your child comes to school, teacher, parent and child enter a partnership to provide a learning environment that encourages them to be the best they can be and reach their full potential.

We pay special attention to the life of Nano Nagle, who was the founder of the Presentation Sisters.  Nano Nagle was known as the "Lady of the Lantern", as she walked along the dark and dangerous streets of Cork at night, helping the sick, elderly, imprisoned and destitute.  We use her life of service as an example of how we live out the values of the Gospel and be a light for others in our world.

The best way to find out more about our beautiful school is to download the pdf Information Booklet for 2021 (15.91 MB)  and also read our  pdf 2019 Annual Report (5.23 MB) .